its been a while..a serious while

Yes, I'm mad..mad i have not made more effort to slow down keep track of my seriously chaotic life. I guess this is what growing up {and moving out} is all about. Ever since I returned from NYC i have been doing a lot...working hard, enjoying the small things in life and of course travelling. My latest travels were to the very charming island of Grenada. Most popular for its spices {i certainly had a field day in this department}, however Grenada has so much more to offer: waterfalls, rain forests, stellar views everywhere you drove, stunning marinas and ports, and a really interesting {yet dark} political history.  On another note my birthday is in 10 days...and i will be 2.5.
..How time flies! 

     Image: kwestia Smaku


i'm back

After what has been a whirlwind of 10 days in NYC and MIA Melanie and myself returned home on Thursday. As I mentioned in my last post {i think as it has been so long} Mel and I visited NYC to attend Social Media Week. It was incredible to say the least. When we arrived the city was blanketed with snow (being -7 and all) It warmed up and the sun decided to grace us with its presence as the weekend approached. However as Monday struck the temperatures were down in the -'s again. We went to some fabulous new restaurants and returned to some old ones as well. I'll feature an article with my added fav places in NYC soon {just so i don't ever forget}

oh and i almost forgot! I will be returning to this beautiful city in summer {June to be exact} with my mum, sis and aunt... :D

Above is one of the pics I took {with my iPhone and converted to watercolour :} of Central Park on our first day.


stop & smell the roses

Because when life gets so crazy you have to remember to stop...and smell the roses. The past couple have weeks have been non-stop between work and moving and property managing and I need to remember how important it is to stop, relax and enjoy the simple things..what ever happened to reading blogs and books? I actually can't remember. 

     Image: Myelf



I'm going to NYC next month for a SM conference during SM week (ekkk...i <3 my job) So incredibly excited to fall in love with that fabulous city all over again! Lots to get planning :)

     Image: Sugar Paper



Another year has come and gone; and with it many, many things have changed. It was a year of learning and challenges but with it came great realizations. Somethings ended and somethings began but  with 2014 being a fresh year full of fresh possibility it is only right to start it off with an open and {more importantly} positive mind. I want 2014 to be one in which I look back on and say 'wow'. It is only you that decide whether that will be. As I mentioned before a new year is not a fresh start but rather it is a time we {or I} use to better what we have done in the past and actually apply what we have learnt; it is not a new book just a new chapter. I rather set goals than resolutions so here they are my 2014 goals:
* Continue to grow Loop. In 2013 our business surely grew and I am more than happy. People are loosing their jobs and continuing to struggle in this recession. However I'm a firm believer if you do things right and put your all into them things will go right for you. That is exactly what happened in 2013! We love what we do, put our all into it and the results show that. No one said it would be easy but hard work does pay off.
* Develop a more intimate relationship that with the person that make all things possible
* Travel to Florida {for a SM conference}; New York City {to relax and just be in the city}; South America {for 4 weeks to...well experience life as a South American}..more on that later..
* Make my new house my home - with different projects I want to add small and simple touches to the house I am moving into that really make it my haven and home. 
* Enjoy and treasure the simple things in life. With life being so busy we often forget and neglect those small things that really are the most important in life.
* Eat clean, natural, local and as least 'fake' and processed food as possible.  We are what we eat!!
* Read more
* Better my kitchen garden 
*One of my best and dearest friends once told me happiness is not a destination but rather it is the journey; so with all my 'things to accomplishment" and "goals to achieve" may I find complete and utter happiness and contentment as after all what it the point of living it is not a happy life. 
So, here is to the opening of a new door, the beginning of a new chapter, the turning of a new leaf in this absolute blessing we call life- here is to 2014.
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have your self a....

Christmas is here once again. This one is different, very different. Wishing everyone a merry one.

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a house to call home

I have not mentioned yet but in the beginning of new year, the beginning of January I will be moving. I have never lived anywhere other than  my parents house when in Barbados but i will be moving to Highgate with Olivia and Leigh-Ann. The garden is being finished now and from next week I will start moving the furniture. I have tons of projects lined up and can't wait to make the house my home.

     Image: pretty stuff



Picked up

The trees have arrived and we picked ours up yesterday.... So much to be done as the season nears.. writing cards, baking cookies, baking mince pies, wrapping gifts...tis the season..

     Image: Exquisite serenity 


It's beginning to look a lot like...

 The air is different.. the light is different..The feeling of Christmas is beginning to linger..and i'm liking it 

     Image: imperio

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