off & away

The adventure begins today! 
-> London -> Rome-> Capri -> Amalfi -> Sicily-> Dubrovnik -> Split 
-> Rab -> Venice -> Provence -> London
I am so overwhelmingly excited and simply cannot wait to experience the sheer magic of it all with the most incredible person I know and love.
I really am going to try and chronicle the little bits of lovely I stumble across {God knows I have been the worst at it of late}


come & gone | old & new

Christmas has come and gone. It was a whirlwind if frenzy but I enjoyed it all (of course). From decorating my first Christmas tree to baking treats to wrapping presents to hosting and being hosted. The sad feeling which blankets you at the end of it all has passed and the refreshing feeling of the new year has dawned. I look forward to a year full of travel, fun, love, laughter and incredible things. Here is to 2015.


Wholly alive

It's a strange thing, I love Ernest Hemingway, have read many books written about him but never a one by him {I am actually about to start yet another one called "a moveable feast"} I just came across this quote and thought how perfect and very very true it is. We often do everything so half-heartedly, whats the point really?


Meet Bertie

On September 29th on the way from Dwellings heading North for our  Roast Chicken lunch we found this dear dear boy. He is the sweetest and most gentle dog I have ever come across. We rushed him to Allan and shortly after he was on his way to his new home in Highgate! The image above is from the day we found him, he was pure skin and bones and could barely walk! In the beginning Lady Grey was a bit wary however, now she has completely warmed up to him! {yay}  Oh, we think he is a cross between a great Dane and some sort of Mastiff.


Life Lately

Since my return from the UK (which was incredible) I have been house sitting Treetopia. Lady Grey is here and getting along wonderfully with the other dogs. It is as thought they all grew up together. I return to High Gate on Sunday where I will get all settled back in. People are moving out and people are moving in. I have some more DIY projects to start and finish and I am finallyyyy getting curtains {custom made}!



I am back from New York and I am back to reality. It was a wonderful 8 days of none stop walking, eating, showing & shopping. That was my 4th time to NYC and certainly won't be my last. I still need to write the spots to return from my Feb trip and now this one. We watched two broadway shows (Wicked and The Jersey Boys) and walked from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge. We sipped jalepeno infused tequila and peed over looking the entire skyline at night. We ate gyros on the side of the road and devoured Guac in a building where the kitchen was located in a hippie VW Bug. We bickered with one another and got lost on the tube. We were swept away once again by this place that can be matched by few if any at all. 

     Image: Being


getting there

I am now recovering from what has been an awful stretch of illness! Just over a week ago i came down with a kidney infection. Thinking it was just the muscles in my back from sleeping bad i did not worry to have it checked out. It was only until Thursday night that i was in so much agony i barely slept a wink. First thing Friday I went to the docs and after a few tests and an ultra sound (not to mention some serious pain) they told me i had a kidney infection..
I am now on the mend thankfully as on Friday i head to NYC!

     Image: Pretty Stuff


time to relax*

While everyone will be at the all stage rally this weekend {all ewwy and full of dirt} I will be spending the weekend at The Soco Hotel...relaxing..Thank heavens for that. 

     Image: Pretty Stuff

its been a while...

So  the last time i was here was my birthday..It was indeed a magical 25th spent with many special people. Some parts were filled with a lot of emotion due to the huge change that has taken over my life however a little emotion is good..i think. Quite a few things have happened since then, i went to Grenada (for the first time) and had the most marvelous weekend..{impulsive much..i think so}; I got a puppy which i'm pretty sure I have not mentioned yet..Her name is Lady Grey and she is quite the character and possibly the cutest dog ever..There was an auction at Villa Nova a very old plantation turned hotel turned abandoned beautiful mess, three pieces now sit in my new home :); in about 21/2 weeks i am going to New York City again :D ohhh and 3 weeks after i return than I'm going to Glasgow, York, Clayton and London :D :D. TIA ...ciao for now..

     Image: Dublin



Little snip bits from my 25th Birthday. Great celebrations with my all my loved ones. Sunday a family dinner with my parents and Marissa which consisted of Shrimp pesto penne and a fabulous chocolate Mascarpone cake. Monday I woke up, opened my prezzies, had delicious breakfast and worked a little. That  night I was treated to drinks at sunset and dinner at The cliff. Wednesday I had the girls over for a little charcuterie.  I was surprised with a cinnamon crumble vanilla cake made by Alexa and Easter mini egg cupcakes. Nat from Canada also sent some pretty pinks flowers :)
Can't actually believe I have reached the quarter century mark ..how scary. It was a great mile stone but of course filled with a whirl wind of emotions. 

     Image: Instagram

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