hydra greece

one of my favorite little Greek Isles
known as the "St. Tropez" of Greece
no cars nor scooters - only mode of transport were donkeys
we roamed the sweet and colorful streets
refreshed with an ice cold beer at Pirates Bar
ended the day relaxing on flattened rocks
and swimming in the bluest of waters
absolute perfection


lauenen & gstaad switzerland

Such a magical place
the green fields scattered with wildflowers
the tall Alpine trees reaching for the blue skies
the rushing rivers and waterfalls
the stunning views from the mountain tops 
the simple peacefulness of it all



One of my favorite places in the world 
 the place I tied the knot {officially}
there is so much I love about it
the ancient stone villages overflowing with charm
the food..my gosh.. the food
the subtle colours of the rolling hills
the majestic cyprus trees
the sunflowers
I could go on...and on


back in the tropics

What a trip it was
Fairytale wedding ..seriously everything I imagined & more  (minus the nerves before the service)
Tuscany was just as perfect as I remembered it
Switzerland was clean, green and beyond stunning..It felt like home away from home
The Greek isles were marvelous; incredible history, gorgeous waters and even more gorgeous food  


one year

today marks exactly one year since the magic happened in the stunning isle of capri.
the day was filled with adventures, the evening storms at sea & the night enchantment {with a drop or two of Green Label}
our wedding is in exactly 70 days in dreamy Tuscany 
time sure flies when you're having fun



nyc round up

my round up of my favorite places to eat & drink:
barbuto {roast chicken & rosemary potatoes}
balthazar {chips}
abc kitchen {carrot and avacado salad}
murrey's bagels {scallion cream cheese, tomato & avocado}
butcher's daughter {grilled cheese sandwich}
whole foods {cause its super easy and delicious} 



long time no see

Yes, just that- long time no see. It's been nearly a year since my incredible European trip. So much has happened! I hope not to let this amount of time pass between my posts in the future so I have something  to look back on.
I most amazingly became a Sacher {16:02:16} and our official wedding is coming up in August {16:08:16} in beautiful Tuscany! 
We then have a whole trip planned after {Switzerland; Croatia; Greek Isles; London}
 I turned 27 {yikes} 
Loop is super busy and super growing {hard work really does pay off}
I am learning how important life balance is
Marissa got engaged and we just last week returned from NYC searching for her dress.
NYC of course was an incredible time of eating, sipping, shopping and some more eating.
I have been gyming for 5 months now and feel seriously good
Bertie and Lady are doing amazing {as always}
Jolie is growing up way too fast



korcula, croatia

the quiet narrow allies leading to the water's edge
the chaotic store fronts with abundance of stone jewelry
the history of Marco Polo's birthplace and family home (which is under a lot of controversy)



mljet, croatia

the sparkle of the blue waters
the very lonely monestary located on an island in the middle of the lake
the fresh smell of pine through the forest  
the refreshingly but frigid water washing my feet 
the peaceful walk through the dirt tracks passing everything from gardens of lavender and rosemary to small vineyards


dubrovnik, croatia

the thousands and thousands of red rooftops
the black swallows swarming above the city 
the bold, brave & thick city walls 
the bell towers and church domes which poked through the blanket of red rooftops
watching through a bird's eye view the lives of those that live in the city - hanging laundry, kitchen dishes drying, drinking coffee in their gardens

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