nyc round up

my round up of my favorite places to eat & drink:
barbuto {roast chicken & rosemary potatoes}
balthazar {chips}
abc kitchen {carrot and avacado salad}
murrey's bagels {scallion cream cheese, tomato & avocado}
butcher's daughter {grilled cheese sandwich}
whole foods {cause its super easy and delicious} 



long time no see

Yes, just that- long time no see. It's been nearly a year since my incredible European trip. So much has happened! I hope not to let this amount of time pass between my posts in the future so I have something  to look back on.
I most amazingly became a Sacher {16:02:16} and our official wedding is coming up in August {16:08:16} in beautiful Tuscany! 
We then have a whole trip planned after {Switzerland; Croatia; Greek Isles; London}
 I turned 27 {yikes} 
Loop is super busy and super growing {hard work really does pay off}
I am learning how important life balance is
Marissa got engaged and we just last week returned from NYC searching for her dress.
NYC of course was an incredible time of eating, sipping, shopping and some more eating.
I have been gyming for 5 months now and feel seriously good
Bertie and Lady are doing amazing {as always}
Jolie is growing up way too fast



korcula, croatia

the quiet narrow allies leading to the water's edge
the chaotic store fronts with abundance of stone jewelry
the history of Marco Polo's birthplace and family home (which is under a lot of controversy)



mljet, croatia

the sparkle of the blue waters
the very lonely monestary located on an island in the middle of the lake
the fresh smell of pine through the forest  
the refreshingly but frigid water washing my feet 
the peaceful walk through the dirt tracks passing everything from gardens of lavender and rosemary to small vineyards


dubrovnik, croatia

the thousands and thousands of red rooftops
the black swallows swarming above the city 
the bold, brave & thick city walls 
the bell towers and church domes which poked through the blanket of red rooftops
watching through a bird's eye view the lives of those that live in the city - hanging laundry, kitchen dishes drying, drinking coffee in their gardens

kotor, monténégro

the sail into Kotor through the fjords
entering the city of kotor through the enormously thick city gates  
the extremely exhausting but rewarding climb along the city walls and to the Fortress of sveti ivan- about 2000 steps up - the view is one of the best i have EVER seen 
the perfectly positioned and enchanting church of our lady of remedy on our way to the top of the fortress 
the itty bitty stoned alleyways throughout the itty bitty city



the majestic volcano Etna 
the never-ending views of blue ocean
the charming cobbled streets lined with lemon and orange trees
the main piazza with its horse fountains 



the fascinating tiles plastered everywhere from church domes to sidewalks to hotel floors
the hot volcanic stones between my toes  
drinks overlooking the southern italian glamour from la sirenuse 
the most incredible authentic lunch at da adolfo 
the unpolished charm and wildness of the amalfi coastline 


utter peace on the journey up to Mount Salerno 
sweeping slopes with spectacular views 
serene private gardens overflowing with Hydrangeas and Periwinkles dotted around Anacapri 
sailing through lovers arch and around the ruggedness of Capri 
saying yes to forever and always  


the silence and beauty of walking along the streets of rome at 6am, the only other people in site being dog walkers and street cleaners
the constant chime of church bells
the distressed but oh so beautiful pastel coloured roman buildings 
ancient rome and its imaginable grandeur back in the time
the best pizza (and I mean best) at a bare bone hole in the wall pizzeria - Pizzeria Da Baffetto 

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